Government Assistance For Single Moms: Federal Resources

Single moms need all the help they can get!  There is a lot of help for single mothers out there; the problem is that people are doing an awful job of advertising it.

Single moms have the responsibility of caring for their children, while providing for them. In this day and age, when a two-person income household has trouble with finances; a single mom does all the work for 2 by herself.

If you are a single mom then despair not. There is plenty of help out there for you, including government assistance for single moms. You don’t need to put your education on hold or cut down on necessities to meet payments. There are several government and private grants that can help you with your education, your child’s insurance, groceries and even baby-sitting expenses.

You just need to know where to look!

If your finances seem impossible, then a government grant can help you out of your problems.  Government help programs are funded by your tax money so it’s only fair that you get to take an advantage from them during tough times.

You can find some amazing resources online to see if you qualify for any federal or state-funded programs for single parents. You only need to ask!

  • As a single mother, it is your right that the father of your child pays child support. If there is any problem with this, then contact your local agencies for Child Support Enforcement. Not only can they get the payments for you, but any of the father’s tax refunds can be transferred to you if needed. (
  • Administration for children and families has also set up resources that pay for child care for children of single parents. (
  • The US department for Health and Human Services also runs Head Start. It provides educational, health and other services for children of economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Once you go to the website, you only need to enter your address and you will be directed to the nearest Head Start office. (
  • If you have a place to live, but heating and cooling bills are a problem, then Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program might be able to help you. It is a federally funded program, check out their website to see if you qualify. (
  • If housing rent is a problem for you, then the US Department of Housing and Urban Development has the HUD program that can help you find an affordable home of your own. There is an income limit for those who qualify. (

There are many other resources for single moms on the US Department of Health & Human Services website ( You can also visit the government grant site ( to look for more government aid that you can be eligible for.

Similarly, check out the questionnaire to find out what government grants you qualify for.


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  1. I am a 28 year old single mother of two boys ages 3 and 6. I am legally separated from my husband as of last year, jumped from my mother’s house and grandmother’s house for a few months with my buys and then settled down in a rental house. I brought my babysitter along with me to help watch my boys while I was working. I have just been told that I will no longer be working as of May due to my position for 9 years ending in Chester. I currently have a 1200 rental payment, 500 car payment, 2500 credit card payment, gas bills, water bills, trash bills, utility bills, lack of food, and would like to get back into Nursing school but will need a lot of help to do this as I will have $0 income as of May. Please help me.

  2. imrent and meedsand dental ..andalso clothes foood …the fah single of 3 young kids…im on disqability and just mouve in a good rental house..good enough for my family size ..but i need help with meds for me and kids they have A.D.H.D and dental plus clothes and school and bit of spending family money ..if possible ..i like to do that every 2 weeks can canada ,ont gouverment help me with a grant of payment please

  3. I can’t help but feel the discrimination against single dads. even here. I guess most people believe it’s always the dad who is a deadbeat or caused the problems.

    • Mary Brown

      I sorry you feel that we are discriminating, but as one sits here and reads the comments received, majority of them express the difficult of being a single mom so we have catered our websites topics towards the needs of our readers.

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