Did you know about these Spring Fashion Trends for 2016?

I know it’s barely winter and it might seem to early to talk about spring fashion trends, but in the fashion world it’s never to early! When it’s winter, it’s the perfect time to discuss what’s in trend for the coming spring, and so on. The spring fashion trends for the coming year are filled with different cultural influences from all over the globe. It’s quite amazing to see pieces that are so different, yet made to be appealing and familiar. Spring time screams new fashion trends we look forward to obsessing over. This spring of 2016 is guaranteed to shock you, impress you, and knock your socks off!

Romantic Spanish Influences

Among the hottest and latest trends blowing up for spring 2016 are all the clothing items with deep Spanish influences. It’s as if some of the runways are decked out in Spanish style threads with the classic Spanish fringe, bright red colors, and bold prints. There’s massive vibrant touches of Spanish culture throughout many clothing pieces. It’s fun, it’s unique, and it’s a feast for the eyes!

Lace is back

Yes, lace is back again for spring! It’s all about the sheer lace dress for this coming fall. It’s a huge must have fashion trend. There’s lace sheer dress in black, in creams and nudes, and even laces dresses with bold prints on them. Lace truly never goes out of style. It keeps coming back to impress us and not haunt us. It’s sexy, risky, and enticing!

All about Pink

Pink is the color to be caught in this spring of 2016. It’s always a good thing to bring out your feminine side and some own yourself in pink shades of everything. There’s soft pink, hot pink, and baby pink clothing items to pine over. Whether it’s cute spring dresses or skirts, it’s time to feel pretty in pink!


Ruffles might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but either way it’s on the list of spring fashion trends of this year. Ruffles galore or ruffles in moderation, there’s ruffles for everyone’s liking. There’s dresses with nothing but ruffles, blouses with accents of ruffles, and everything in between. Like I mentioned before, ruffles aren’t for everyone, but for those who prefer them, go crazy and enjoy! The more ruffles and the bigger, the better!

About That Robe Life

Yes, you heard right! It’s all about that robe life that’s trending on the runways for spring. Usually when we think robes, we think at home in a sexy robe or in a warm one. We don’t think to wear robes outside and actually include them into our fashion routine, well think again! Robes are on trend now occupying spring runways in silk or chiffon materials that caress the body. It symbolizes glam to a whole other level. It’s taking comfort to the streets and making it a sexy and unique trend!


Yes, it’s about that time for tye-dye to hit the scene for the springtime, this time with a more elegant twist. Tye-dye is making a comeback in a more mature, elegant, and sophisticated way. There’s bold colors and mixtures of colors to admire, all put together to entertain the eyes. You’ll be sure to see tye-dye prints on dresses, skirts, blouses, and maybe even leggings!

Back To The 90’s

This spring of 2016 one of the top fashion trends is all about the 90’s. This fashion trend is very nostalgic and reminiscent of all things from the 90’s. It’s raw, it’s fun, and all about grunge. So grunge it up for springtime and forget the delicate pastel colored dresses!

Off The Shoulder

Another spring fashion trend for the new year is off the shoulder dresses, blouses, and tops. It’s sexy without being over the top. It’s about being flirty and feminine, while showing off your collarbone. It’s a brand new way to give the cold shoulder with fashion!

The Victorian

The Victorian era has appeared on the runaways among the many latest spring fashions of 2016. It’s a romantic, classic, and modest look with a modern twist. The high neckline, the ruffles, bows, and prints are Victorian inspired. This trend has an old world feel that exudes class and femininity.

Pajama Dressing

It seems like this new year is ringing in wearing pajama like clothing in public for the springtime. Don’t be surprised if people start to look like they’re going to sleep instead of going out doing things. This pajama inspired fashion trend is seen everywhere. The whole slouchy, loose, and comfort designed look is not at all about appearances. It’s a more laid back look that allows for pajamas to be permissible on the streets and not only in our bedrooms!

Mirrored Clothing

This trend is fun, quirky, and so unique. It’s one of the latest spring fashion trends to look out for. Apparently you can become a walking mirror in some outfits that contain cut up glass like material. Runways have features sweaters, tops, blouses, and dresses that have mirrored like designs scattered all over. It’s cool, it’s chic, it’s awesome!

Long Earrings

In the world of accessories in fashion, for this spring it’s all about extra long dangly earrings. They’re the hot item of jewelry that you’ll be seeing everywhere. They’re featured in all different weird shapes, different colors, and metals textures. Gaudy and bold earrings are back on the scene this spring 2016!

Tiara’s Galore

Tiara’s, Tiara’s, Tiara’s are going to be everywhere this spring. Whether it’s for a bride, for a special event, or simply to wear out and about, there’s no excuse not to wear one. Everyone’s inner princess should come out and take over. You don’t need a specific event or reason to wear one. Once a princess always a princess!


Each one of these spring fashion trends of 2016 cater to many different preferences. There’s something fun and interesting for everyone. There’s trends to follow for the bold, for the more modest, for the risk takers, for the feminine, and for the nostalgic. Springtime screams fashion and the latest trends to love, hate, and adore. This coming new year of 2016 is going to be epic in every way and especially in the fashion world. So get ready and expect the unexpected!


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