Tips to Make Spring Cleaning Work for You

Spring cleaning is something that has been around for centuries. It’s basically the time when spring arrives and the practice of thoroughly cleaning a house is done.  During the cold months in winter it is not possible to do. In the springtime, you’re able to really clean every inch of a home and everything in it. The weather gets nicer, which allows for heavy duty cleaning to be done easier, and organizing is less of a hassle.

Ideas & Concepts of Spring Cleaning

The idea and concept of spring cleaning and it’s origins are unsure. It’s said to originate from Jewish, Catholic/Christian, and even Persian traditions. These particular groups of people claim to have started the concept of spring cleaning linking it with their customs, traditions, and beliefs.

  • For example, Jews were known to have been practicing spring cleaning as the anticipation of the feast of Passover. Before Passover, Jews believed in thoroughly cleaning their homes commemorating and leading up to Passover.
  • For those of the Catholic faith who are following the Catholic Church, they practiced spring cleaning as a ritual that is associated with “Holy Week”, the week leading up to Easter, which includes Maundy Thursday, the day before Good Friday, when they usually clean the church alter.
  • Orthodox Christians also have their traditions that they associate spring cleaning with. For instance, many Orthodox Christians preform spring cleaning rituals of the deep cleaning of their home before or during Lent.

It seems that the concept of spring cleaning comes from religious traditions and has been adapted in America as what is considered normal for when the springtime arrives each year. Spring cleaning is much more that just the deep cleansing of homes, there’s a deeper meaning behind it.

Spring: A Great Time to Clean

The springtime is used as the perfect time to thoroughly clean your home and everything in.

  • During the springtime, it’s more ideal to dust properly, you could open the windows and let the dust and air out. You could properly clean a vacuum, and get rid of unwanted items without feeling restricted in your home.
  • Spring cleaning provides a sense of freedom in getting rid of dirt that could have been hiding all winter long. It also provides a sense of freedom to clean out your home instead of hoarding unwanted things, and the freedom to redecorate after giving your home a deep cleansing.
  • The springtime is also great to use chemical products to clean your home with that you couldn’t use during the winter because of the fumes.
  • Spring cleaning is also a form of therapy when you really think about it. It allows for clutter to be organized and to have your home finally neat and tidy.

Who wouldn’t want to feel accomplished and be able to enjoy the springtime and upcoming summer with a home that’s as good as new!

Get Family Involved

Spring cleaning is a great excuse to get together with your family and clean every inch of your house. It’s a great way to bond and organize everything at once. You can even invite friends over to join in. Important things to thoroughly clean at this time would be windows. Don’t forget every single appliance you have in your home, your carpets and tiles. This is the perfect time to take advantage of the longer days.

Tackle Your Whole House

It’s also important to clean your closet and drawers out properly. It’s great to also clean all your bedding, your mattress, curtains, hardwood floors, walls, and any furniture. You can also clean the outside of your home thoroughly, making sure to get all the hard to reach surfaces if possible. There’s also the cleaning of outdoor furniture, your cars, gardens or walkways if you have any, and anything you feel needs to be freshened up.

Every room in your house would be great to tackle with a deep and much needed cleaning. Basically everything you see in each room. Once you properly deep clean your whole entire house and even the outside and all the outdoor furniture and appliances, you can relax and remember to keep up with the cleanliness.

As long as you keep up with the cleanliness, it’s makes things so much easier and you don’t have to feel a sense of clutter or discomfort because of it. Keep up with spring cleaning chores all spring into the summertime. Every week you could clean here and there. It doesn’t have to be a deep cleaning very often but a good enough cleaning that you don’t need to stress over it. This way you won’t be overwhelmed with chores or house work. Make sure to stay consistent in keeping your home clean, organized, and tidy.


Spring cleaning is a time of the year that’s more than just cleaning. It has really become all about a transition, from season to season, from colder climates to warmer ones, and from clutter to comfort. This is the special time to purify your homes, bring in better energy, and start of the spring season right.

Spring time cleaning is also about appreciation. The appreciation of the things you really need, keeping your items and house clean. Your home and everything in it deserve care, attention, and cleanliness. That’s why it’s important to realize that home is where you spend most of your hours, and where you live.

You realize that spring cleaning isn’t just about cleaning in the spring time, it’s a tradition. A tradition that originates from many places and from many different types of people. It’s a beautiful thing to share and to continue participating in each and every year.


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